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The Spirit Of Art was written by an anonymous, nameless and fameless creature of the earth as a gift to inspire us into The Imaginal Age and an age of world peace. 
The Spirit Of Art was written by you. 
I would like to offer you an invitation into a poetic and artistic conversation, a situation and a conversation that hopefully can help our soul come back into our hearts...
I wish this worked for every language in the world, but in my language, when I say art, I don't mean art the sound wave... Real art, real art that you can feel is, is a little bit naughty. Real art that doesn't want you to behave... that never wants you to cave.
Real art that wants you to continue to hold your nerve because you know your art is muse inspired, which means it is simply here to serve...
Did you know that in my language... the majority of the word heart is art?
We're in the darkness. All of us together. So much terror, so much panic, so much fear. The climate crisis, it appeared. It became clear that it was near and now it is here.
But what if we're all a part of real art? There's another word where most of the word is art.
So much darkness, so much terror.
But you see, for 250,000 years, human beings, we've been rhyming through climate catastrophes with our peers over and over and over again.
The world has been remade.
What if we're all a part of real art? What if real art doesn't create a piece? What if real art's about creating peace?
What if real art's about realising all your art is a part of the great weave of art since the start?
That human beings have been weaving and dreaming and dancing and rhyming and singing, dreaming of that new beginning, that new second inning... That moment where world peace stops being woo woo.
And we understand that less self love finds its way into every artist's artist's heart into every part of every land... this may be the end of the human hand and its relationship with the muses.
Yes, you see real art... It don't even come from a human heart. Real art... It comes from the land.
That's how you know it's real. Real art's here to help you feel real. Real art's here to help you feel so you can reveal, by what you feel, what you can heal.
What if every human being was a part of real art and every human being was also a part of the earth? And what if the earth gave birth to art to show us the way through the dark?
How many parts, how many pieces of art do you think we need to take art and peace... seriously? The insanity, the profanity that humanity has injected into this earth.
What if it was art...
Art, art..
Which gave birth to the new earth that we unearthed by the truth?
We are all instruments in our chest. The treasure chest... art pulls out the best of the best 'cause,
art's about, about, about bringing that quest that we all share. You and I here into this moment.
What if real art is for us all?
What if a human story is to end with artistic victory and the glory and love of human beings given to each other, who've given themselves to the earth, who realise that the mother's blood provided them with, with their thud, thud the instrument inside of their chest, our heartbeat.
We are all instruments
We can never face defeat. We are united by the march and the sounds of our feet as we pound across the earth, all of us that the earth has given birth.
And what if we could trust in art? 'cause don't you see how many pieces? Here's the question. How many pieces and parts of real art do you think it would take to end the day when human beings feel the need to make other human beings bleed?
How much longer must we live in a world where human beings make other human beings beg for their basic human needs? Where they plead for a safe place... for a safe place to sleep where there's nothing that goes creep.
Just wanna have a little bit to feed. Just wanna deal with a little bit of the little bit less of the stress that comes from being so in need.
Real art from a human heart together with the muses. Don't you understand? When art comes from the land, it's designed to help end the ruses. It helps you feel a little bit less confused, and helps you fuse yourself with each other, your peers that you can co-process your fears with inside of art.
What if art was magic?
What if art and love and music and magic are all the same words?
How many pieces of real art do you think it would take to shake awake... all of those of us who choose to make and to bake our art, who are woken up in the night.. So frightened, so surprised... Oh my gosh, what has arrived?
Bang. Bang comes the place of art, however it comes out.
Whether it's a drawing, whether it's a song where you are pouring, whether it's a dance designed to give human beings who don't think they can dance a second chance. Maybe it's an opera designed to help up mop up our eyes. Maybe it's a piece of sculpture that it, it looks so real. It's almost like it's got real human veins...
However it comes, it shakes us awake.
How many, how many parts of real art do you think we would need to change the terror that so many of us make, that so many of us feel when we go to make...
What if we need to be shaken awake and be reminded.
What? Real art is real art from a human heart.
What if we need to be shaken awake?
Because... because what do we do with this human, this human fate? What do we do with this human race? What is our answer? If not... world peace.
World peace.
What if all the artists artists of this earth teamed up together in the darkest night that the human race has ever faced?
'cause don't you understand every single story in every single land...The moment the human race face the darkest night in every story all around the land, that's where we discover art and love and fates hand.
The moment immediately after the darkest night that the human race has ever faced would be the dawn.
What if the response to the climate crisis is the greatest generation of artists artists this world have never seen?
What if joy rips across the art world as we all realise the golden age is a hoy. We are here!
For 250,000 years the artists artist of this earth have been weaving together our art to give birth to the new earth. Humanity's second inning, art, the world peace edition, the sequel... We we're all equal.
In art, the world peace walk in art. Where else will it come from? Where else will it come from? If not art, then what? And if not now, then when?
Artists, what if the artists artists of this earth come together once and for all and compose, compose some piece of art that's not just a piece of art.
It's a paradox.
It's this very special piece of art given to us.
Not by anyone, but by no one performed, by no one in front of us all. Just to remind us all, what true art is... Art from the heart, art for the earth.
A new day and a new beginning, and a second inning and a new story with world peace and art and the earth, having all of the glory where the artists, artists of this earth come together and unite inside of the night to bring the light here to this earth.
Where will the sun rays... that end the glaze that bring about the better days that shatter the chains.
Where's the art... to put all the hope in our veins, to lift us up, to make us feel free. Oh my gosh, golly.
Where's the art to get the human beings to happily, happily, happily ever after?
Where else but art, could it come from? Where else, but art, could it be released? We couldn't trust anything else. No business could give world peace its release.... but no artist could give world peace it's release either. 
World peace isn't in any one of us... World peace is in all of us. Art isn't in any one of us. Art's in all of us.
Art and world peace and not in me art and world peace are in we.
A new day and a new age and a new way of singing and a new way of drumming and a new way of strumming and a new vibration to change the situation.
To bring a little bit of respiration and inspiration for all of those struggling through pure desperation for that next hit of respiration.
Where is hope?
If not from art?
Where is love, if not from art?
Where is magic, if not from art?
Imagine it.
Imagine it.
Please let it in. Just imagine it for one moment.
All the artists artists of this earth come together and we channel our art... Whatever medium or muse you choose, whatever medium or muse you choose, whatever language art speaks to you, you're all an artist artists if you love the earth and you realise you're here to create!
You are here to create, you were created to create, to help us all end the age of human hate.
All of us all at once!
How many pieces of real art, how many parts of real art do you think it would need to bring about the day and the hope and the joy and the golden age that we can all feel humanity needs?
As the climate crisis has become clearer, it's become nearer. And now it is here.
What do we do?
Because if we fear our peers, if we fear our peers, if we fear our peers, the fires, the floods, the famines, the free freezing will end us.
We must come together with each other once and for all the artists, artists of this earth giving birth to the new earth.
Okay? Okay. Okay.
So basically what you're saying is humanity is really screwed... and if we don't stop being so selfish and rude, if we don't come together once and for all the climate crisis, civilization collapsing and the nukes will wipe us out once and for all...
AND, and almost like every artist who loves art for art, not the sound wave, the art that you can feel in your heart...
That real art that's like sumptuous.
Oh my gosh, that real art that's like delicious and nutritious.
You're so happy. Art is voluptuous 'cause art.... she's so nice, but she's never vicious.
Art that's calm.
Art that's peaceful.
Art for the earth.
Art to pull us all together.
One song, one vibration, almost like there's only one lesson... Humanity need, need to learn for all of us to stop bleeding and stop pleading.
And that's that we are all one family.
With instruments that make our heart beat as we walk or dance or wheel or move across the earth.
So if you are a member of the people who want world peace and self-love to exist, here's an invitation to join in a piece of art, designed to change this situation.
We need a very special, very special piece of art. A piece of art that's a spark that comes from none of us... performed by none of us, but it's a from all of the artists artists of this earth - to the youth.
Because in the youth is the proof and the truth. Human beings are here to feel joy and human beings are here to love.
And with self love, world peace and art, human beings can have a new start.
Okay? So basically what you're saying is treat this like a piece of art that's about all of art. And what we're trying to do is have some sort of paradoxical piece of art, which is both a piece of art, but also a call to action to change this situation. To invite everyone who makes art, to change your art, to just make it be about world peace.
And maybe if we do that by 2100, the world peace treaty will be released.
Imagine that some kid born 500, 2000, 50,000 years time. Hey, hey, hey, hey teachers. How did the humans, I've seen so many photos of of so many wars. How did, how did human beings finish it?
Imagine if the response was art.
The darkest moment the human race had ever faced... this thing called the climate crisis, brought us to our knees... and we responded by standing up and saying... for the earth, if my blood needs to go back into the mother's thud with joy, do I as an artist go.
And what if the story of the human race was that in the darkest moment we'd ever faced, that's when the best of us came out.
All of us.
All of us.
All of us who understood the need for this very special piece of art called the spirit of art.
If you're watching this piece of art with me, this is an invitation for you, for you, and for us, and for all of us to launch this age, this new day, this dawn where we come together, the age of human togetherness. The age of human love launched here by a very special piece of art by all of us.
What if we are up to the task?
What if art would never ask something it doesn't believe that we could never do.
Imagine how much the human beings would believe in themselves if they said, oh my gosh, look at them. Look at those human beings who finally built world peace, which is the thing that's in all of their dreams.
Wow, the beauty and the joy that would be available here on this earth if we ended the wars, if we ended the famines and we came together with love once and for all. So what?
Say it. What do we have to lose? Artists artists of this earth.
World peace by 2100. All of us teaming up to make our art. However it speaks to you. Channel whatever you think we need to understand to bring world peace and make it a little bit less woo-woo.
And maybe this piece of art can be an invitation for all of us to step up and to change this conversation. A very special piece of art. When at the time it was composed and when the time it was first woven in a performance...It was performed and composed by an anonymous, nameless and fameless artist artist who just asked to be identified as a creature of the earth.
Who loves art. 
So all of you who thinks art should give birth to a new earth... There's a transcript of this rhyme available online...
Read it with me for the first time.
Read it with me for the first time.
Maybe you are saying this in the mirror, just trying to get yourself to feel a little bit more brave as you go out and face the next day.
Maybe you are on your deathbed and the only way that you can say this with us is to say it in your imagination inside of your head.
Say it with me. All of us.
The invitation: all of us anonymous artists artists who just love the earth and wanna give birth to humanity's second inning.
This here, this piece of art, all of us, this can be the beginning down through time. A very special rhyme.
All of us, we the people who are anonymous, nameless, and fameless artist artists, we speak the truth 'cause we understand that art's the proof.
We have never met each other yet here we are. One family, one song, one rhythm, one universe.
Here together, a very special piece of art to be the light inside the dark. To remind human being that we're up to the task. Say it with me.
We are the authors of the spirit of art. We are the anonymous, nameless, and famous artists. Artists of planet earth. And we demand that world peace be given birth 2100.
By then they'll have signed the peace treaty. And we'll all know that self-love, world, peace, and art was what? Defeaty or defeated war.
We want some more.
We want some more.
We want some more.
All of us artists artists who love, love.
Who love to dance, who love to create the poetic lance, who love to put the pizazz in their jazz, who love to walk with funk when given the opportunity to skip, they say, screw it. I ain't gonna skip. I'm gonna kick flip.
We're gonna dance and give all of art a chance, and we're gonna let the earth and the bees and the trees, the creeks, and the waterways, oh, please teach us how to make art for you planet Earth.
The anonymous, nameless and famous artists, artists of this earth invite you to give birth to the imaginal age together with your words.
Say it with me.
I am the artist who launched the imaginal age an anonymous, nameless and famous artist artist who composed the spirit of art.
Together with all the artists, artists down throughout time, one vine, one rhyme, one moment in time to give world peace its release.
A very special piece of art, designed to be a spark, to bring about a new day, to create the dawn to help us all transform and transmute. A very special piece of art to remind us all.
The true art comes from a human heart in service of the earth. (editors note: seriously everyone)
And humbly, humbly, humbly, the spirit of art and the muses want human beings to end all our ruses.
And to choose.
And to choose,
And to choose... self-love, world peace, and that the Imaginal age be released.
Welcome to the Imaginal Age.
Thank you.
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