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hey there...

The below form is only for people with legit business/professional reasons to get into contact with me. You're either an interviewer/journo, or you're a lawyer, or you're a manager of an artist who is looking to collab or something. 

If you're a fan of mine looking to get into contact with me, please don't use this form. We will only ever have the staff to reply to people who have legit reasons to get into contact with me and they can't sort through a bajillion emails. If you ever want to get into contact with me to say thanks or to give me a gift or something - I'm flattered and would so much rather you spend all that time loving yourself and buying your grandma something nice for being awesome. 

Contact Information

Thanks for submitting! Due to volume to responses do not expect a reply :) We will only respond to those people we want to work with.

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