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Hey, I'm Matt. 

I'll be blunt with you, most of my life when I tell people what I'm about and the purpose of my art, they either laugh, smile, look at me like I'm weird or outright ignore me and think I'm an idiot from that moment forward. 

You can do any of the above if you like :)

I'm someone who has spent the last 21 years of my life studying to help humans survive the climate crisis. I grew up convinced that the boomers were going to kill our planet and at the age of 13 decided to dedicate my life to being a 'one stop world peace shop.' It's now over 2 decades later and if all goes to plan, the fact that you're reading this means I might have been successful in moving the world peace needle and helping make world peace a lot less woo-woo. 

I don't have any social media or anything online other than this website. I spend all the time other "artists" spend on their personal brand on my connection to my muse and getting better at my craft... you might have heard of that thing called 'putting in the work?' I'm big on that and I think it brings me far greater ROI than just aimlessly looking at big businesses latest advertising gimmick for 1000's of hours of my life. 

If you would like to know about my story and how I became who I am - you can watch the video below. If you want to help me - please consider becoming a FractalNaught.


Thanks!​ Matt :)

My Story

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