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hey - i'm matt

I'm a young artists artist who makes art about world peace.


Thanks for coming to my website. If you want to see some of my art, my debut art performances are available below to watch for free. If you want to learn more about me, click the ABOUT tab and if you want to support me, click the FNAUGHT tab.

Enjoy and welcome to The Imaginal Age.

the spirit of art

performed 30.9.23

This piece of poetry has been created to change the entire world's understanding of what art we need inside of the climate crisis and armageddon event we find ourselves within. 

It's made to bring hope to us all that there is a way out, and that way is to make world peace a lot less woo-woo. If you want to launch the Imaginal Age - feel free to read the transcript here.

knock knock

performed 30.9.23

This piece of poetry has been created to humble the white man in front of the entire planet and capture the mathematical and scientific stages for art once and for all. 

Art has been listening to scientists being mean to artists for centuries and decided to do something final about it. Please enjoy.

the fractal pt 1

performed 1.10.23

This lecture is part one of a lecture that describes the ultimate proof of the ultimate truth. Yes... I am the artist who figured out what all of reality is and these two lectures are the proof. 

Video one link is here

Video two link is here

Video three link is here

Video four link is here

the fractal pt 2

performed 1.10.23

This lecture is part two of a two part series that proves that art now hosts the most correct and accurate understanding of reality that has ever existed, fundamentally proving that the university education system has and always will be a joke. Please enjoy. 

Video five link is here

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